Екатерина Волкова узнала, как обманывают экстрасенсы и душевные целители
The actress is worried about their relatives.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: @volkovihome Instagram Ekaterina Volkova

Ekaterina Volkova started with the fans conversation on an important topic: “How to protect your family from fraud?” These thoughts the actress has pushed the viewing of the program on malefactors, extort from the citizens the money under the pretext of providing “psychic services.”

“The theme of the program was a fraud using phone lines with psychics, parapsychologists, and other spiritual healers — said Ekaterina. — Tens of millions of rubles every day are siphoned off our pensioners, single women and all have lost hope for the lives of their loved ones (those whose loved ones are terminally ill or unable to cope with alcoholism and/or drug addiction). Shameless impostors call themselves great healers that directly on the phone remove the damage, evil eye, cure cancer in the last stage!”

Not so long ago in such a trap mommy friends Volkova: “And it would be distant and absurd, if my friend’s mother was not in this trap. Calling one day on line so-called salvation, each day, she then phoned and solicited all new amount in exchange for letting Her family lived, removing curses, etc. girlfriend for a long time did not know about it, since her mother was hiding from someone regularly talking on the phone, and the fact that my daughter asks for money to not cause problems!”

Now Catherine is seriously worried that her parents or relatives can also become victims of such fraud. When this star “Voronin” has admitted that he believes in the existence of people with healing abilities, but, according to Ekaterina, very little.