ВИДЕО: Ани Лорак «утерла нос» Анастасии Волочковой
The singer boasted excellent physical shape.

It seems that Anastasia Volochkova will soon have to make room on the pedestal of the “Queen of the splits.” Ani Lorak on the eve boasted to fans their skills. The singer showed subscribers the ease with which she can sit in the splits. Video from the gym was published in the microblog singer.

“Never give up! Set ourselves the incredible target. Do what your heart wants! You are unique! You’re special!” — motivates fans Ani.

Ani Lorak

Photo: @anilorak happy Instagram Ani Lorak

Fans were delighted with twine 38-year-old singer. “Good, what, keep it up!”, “This is good!”, “Awesome! Admire” — praised Lorak fans. By the way, not so long ago, Ani showed a photo taken shortly after the birth of her daughter Sofia. On it she was depicted in a slightly plump way.