Екатерина Волкова стала ревизором детских садов
Star of the TV series “Voronin” is looking for a kindergarten for my daughter.

Екатерина Волкова стала ревизором детских садов

Ekaterina Volkova with her daughter

Ekaterina Volkova with her husband Andrei Karpov are building a new home
outside the city and getting ready to move. Now the actress has started to find a new one
kindergarten for his daughter Lisa. Do not trust advertising promises, she decided to personally
to see how the claimed benefits of one of the private kindergartens
correspond to reality.

Екатерина Волкова стала ревизором детских садов

Future pupil with mom checked swing

“We Gusinoe promonitorili and visited several kindergartens, — said Ekaterina. Soon (hopefully) we will finish the house, you need to move and be prepared to
school year. Near our future nest there are two gardens: the municipal
and private. Municipal everything is clear and so is Lisa right now in this goes,
only in Queen. But with a private garden had a lot of questions. Therefore, I will take
the role of the auditor (forgive me, Lena Flying). The claimed advantages
kindergarten is impressive: two languages: English and Chinese with native speakers), sport
(it is expected that there will be famous athletes to teach), art (classes
sculpting, visual art, rhythm, music, pottery and other
workshops, theatre with a huge stage with professional sound and light,
master classes by celebrities). Powered by a top chef. Music
and dancing professionally trained teachers. According to the information at the time of our
informal visit to the open day there will be casting in Neposedy
and “jumble” Grachevsky”.

Katia and her daughter Lisa

According to Katya, visit
in kindergarten was positive, and Elizabeth delighted.
“My Slime is satisfied with the verification of the kindergarten, — said Katya. — How do you want rather to move to a new
house! Wait Goosen in the ranks of the students!”

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