Наталия Орейро боится потерять лицо
The star of the series “Wild angel” uses, not all of the funds to maintain the beauty.

Natalia Oreiro

Photo: Philip Goncharov

“Years — the only race,
you can’t win” — philosophically believes 39-year-old Natalia. It
of course, does not mean that the actress is working hard to look young. Times
in a week she comes to the clinic for laser treatments for the face (cleansing,
lifting, peeling, etc.). “This cannot be considered a radical intervention in
the natural processes. It’s perfectly safe,” assured Oreiro. Ways to follow
a it has many. For example, Oreiro never leaves the house without sunscreen
lotion. And every two months is a cosmetologist, which makes
moisturizing and nourishing cream with the features of the skin of the star
client. By the way, up to 26 years, the actress suffered severely from acne. The pimples settled on my face never went away, it no smear. Had to mask them with tons of makeup. Then, finally, I picked up a special
the treatment course, after I got rid of misfortunes”.

However, not all the anti-aging star of the TV series “Wild angel” considers acceptable. “Anything that is done with the help of needles, I don’t
I admit — she says, answering the question, did she do the injection
Botox or mesotherapy. Is not a principled position, everyone does,
what he wants. But personally, I was really scared. I’m an actress, I need my expression
person. If it becomes hard, I will not be able to convey emotion”.

Together with a balanced diet and exercising, Oreiro believes
important at any age to learn something and to enjoy life. “Over the years, the beauty
must come from the inside, that means you need to try to become more educated,
smart, responsive, thoughtful about others, ” she says. — It is important to feel
well, not to look. They say that people in old age has the person,
deserves. In my opinion, those who like to laugh and be happy,
cuter those frowns and discouraged!

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