Екатерина Вилкова и Илья Любимов показали подросших детей
Star family spends holidays in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Ekaterina Vilkova and Ilya Lyubimov, with his son Peter and daughter Paula

Photo: Instagram Ekaterina Vilkova

Bad weather does not interfere with Ekaterina Vilkova, her husband Ilya
Lyubimov, their children Paul and Peter — actively
relax on the homeland actress, in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The family left the pond “Hop
Polyana”, where you can enjoy the best fishing in the area.

Most likely, the star family will rest at the Bottom
Novgorod until July 11, the day of the birth of Catherine, to celebrate this event with
family and friends of the actress. “We have the world gifts are not linked to
holidays — confessed Vilkova. — Well, we can not buy something and then three
months to hide it in the closet! By the way, so it was with my parents. They gave us
big brother a toy or clothing, not because a holiday, and just because
they received a salary or were able to get a good thing. The time since then has been
difficult. So I don’t really remember what I found under the Christmas tree.
Perhaps, only the packages with sweets — kids “orders” that are parents
issued at work, and swimwear or other things for art lessons
gymnastics (Vilkova was seriously engaged in this sport and became a candidate
master of sport)”.

Catherine is glad that her children are very inquisitive.
“I don’t know how other moms, and my children a new toy is exactly five
minutes. Much more interesting to play with the pot, the ladle, the grommet from
toilet paper or paper. Tearing from the roll along the long kolbasin,
they can endlessly run so fast around the apartment! With great pleasure they
build a house out of pillows. Paul with Peter happy, when together with the Pope at
screwdriver to disassemble a toy cash! It turns out that our children play in
the same thing that was with us. But we think that our scarce
in children’s shops there was nothing, so we ran it with the ladle. And
it turns out that kids are not interesting finished games, and the ability to choose your own,
tinkering. Thus Paul and Peter must have all the same, and urgently!
Because of this, they can fight,” says the actress.