Отчаявшаяся поклонница просит Адель о встрече

What is not lucky. Canadian superfanta British singer Adele Laurie Shortall spent over ten thousand dollars on tickets to see their idol, but each time the concert that the ticket was purchased, was cancelled. When the world tour of the British women came to an end, Lori was desperate, and all she asks now, she is like a Cup of tea and five minutes of a personal meeting, so students stopped to laugh at her.

#Adele, this is the THIRD canceled a concert that happened to me. Houston in 2011, Phoenix in 2016 and London 2017. I’m a music teacher from Newfoundland, Canada, and I’m just shocked by the cancellation of the last concert, my studenty disappointed. I know it’s my choice to go on the other side of the world to come to your concert, but I can’t believe that none of our meeting never took place. I have already spent over 10 thousand dollars for tickets. Help the girl! All I need is five minutes of your time and a Cup of tea” — posted by Laura on his page in the social network.
People support desperate woman and spread this post like wildfire. It is hoped that Adele will actually read the letter fans.
Recall that the last concert Adele at Wembley stadium was canceled p medical. The singer was badly damaged vocal cords, and the doctors forbade her to sing but also to talk.
Journalists contacted Lori to hear her story
“I just can’t believe all three concerts have been cancelled. I just really want at least once to see her. Adele is a wonderful singer and a wonderful Lady. I like that sometimes uses strong language, and like that it tells a lot about your child. I think she is a very nice person, and her music is just incredible,” said Laurie. I hope celebrities will have five minutes and a Cup of tea to comfort a distressed fan.