Наталья Подольская рассказала о своей беременности
Fans wished the star to have a daughter.

Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya and her son Artemy

Photo: Instagram

As mentioned
in one of the editions of KVN: “do Not think!
Thought — write!” Or say… so
star fans this summer decided
to attribute the pregnancy to all female artists
in a row. With the upcoming replenishment, which
if that happens, it is not this year,
congratulated Ksenia Borodina, Svetlana
Loboda and even Nelly Ermolaev, which
was careless while in
the car in the passenger seat, put on flat stomach pillow and
to hug her. No exception to this
a peculiar trend has become and Natalia Podolskaya, which is an interesting position
credited about once a month.

Being on
holiday in Spain, she showed fans
the photo where he posed in an easy
the skirt and loose top. Fans immediately not
just spotted pregnant tummy
and congratulated by your favorite singer with the expectation
a second baby. In vain Natalia
he showed photos where she poses in
a separate swimsuit with a brand
flat belly, the conclusions have already been made.
Angry star this time
became silent, and frankly
talked about his interesting position,
rather, his absence.

my! — appealed to the fans
Podolsk. — Of course, you are ready to see
the abdomen even where it is not. I’m not pregnant
though I dream about it. In the meantime, we crazy
well, the three of us!” “What
a detailed examination of the body! — supported
her fans. — And do not need to think, say
you, Natalia, what places have recovered,
in any pregnant. Tact some
no!” Also
fans wished Podolsky to get pregnant and give birth to a baby girl.