Екатерина Стриженова впервые сфотографировалась с внуком
TV presenter enjoys the fact that she is now a grandmother.

Ekaterina Strizhenova with daughter Anastasia and grandson Peter

Photo: @Instagram strizhenovae Catherine Strizhenovoj

Ekaterina Strizhenova has shared the first photo where she is posing together with her grandson. Little Peter was born three months ago and made the family the presenter quite a stir. Now the interests and life of a large family Stroganovyh revolve around the baby. Catherine jokes that did not even understand how I ever lived without grandson.

Busy and yet not allow Strizhenovoj to spend with the baby as much time as she would like, because her daughter — Anastasia lives with her son in another continent. However, soon Catherine will begin the vacation that she, as always, focused on my family.

It is curious that, despite the rare meetings, little Peter every day listening to old wives ‘ tales. “For the first time Peter smiled in the third week of its life it grandma Kate! She’s so beautiful in this new role, and very touching. Peter Petrovich every day listening to “there stands” that Nonna Katia he recorded and sent to our family chat. And when I asked where’s the footage from the grandfather (husband of Catherine Alexander — approx. ed.), the Pope immediately admitted that the “War and Peace” for Peter is on the way…” laughed Anastasia.