В конкурсе «Мисс Вселенная» примет участие мужчина, сменивший пол Long before the contest “Miss universe-2018” transgender became the most discussed contestant. Gender Angela Ponce was replaced four years ago, and since then the Spanish conquers the catwalks. She recently won the title of “Miss Spain”.
В конкурсе «Мисс Вселенная» примет участие мужчина, сменивший пол

A sensation turned recent contest “Miss Spain”. In the fierce struggle between the most beautiful girls of the country defeated the former man. 25-year-old Angela Ponce have long had a sex change and is now fighting for equality of transgender people around the world.

By the way, Angela is not the first time trying to conquer the international beauty pageants. In 2015 she was one of the main contenders for the title of “Miss Spain”, but then the jury, apparently, was not ready for the sexual revolution.

The Angela, it seems that until recently did not believe in victory. At least in the finals she looked worried and scared. When she was announced the winner, the girl gave an inspiring speech about fighting stereotyping.

“I am very happy and grateful that my country is becoming more tolerant. I want people to respect, love yourself and others, accept themselves as what they really are”, – shared his thoughts contestant.

Ponce will now travel to South Africa, where at the end of 2018 shall attempt the almost impossible: to defeat the world’s most beautiful women in the struggle for the title of “Miss universe”. By the way, the contest rules have been officially changed in 2013, so the participation of former men absolutely legitimate.

About the past miss Ponce is known not so much. At home in Spain, she works as a model and is actively fighting for the rights of transgender people. About my other life Angela prefers not to remember, since childhood felt unhappy in the wrong body. The girl decided to have surgery four years ago, and ever since wins beauty contests.

Of course, the election of a transgender person as the most beautiful girls of Spain impressed not all. Some fans of the contest mentioned that revolution Angela may have a negative impact on current standards of beauty. However, the majority of fans girls are sure that she will not only represent the country, but also be able to change the world.

But Russia at the contest “Miss universe 2018” is not focused on social revolution. This year the country will present 18-year-old Julia Palakihin. In April this year the girl won the title of “Miss Russia”, which earned her the right to participate in international competition. Whether Julia to win over the motley company of competitors from different parts of the world is still unknown.