Ekaterina Kolisnichenko will go under the knife of a plastic surgeon

Екатерина Колисниченко ляжет под нож пластического хирурга The girl invites his fans to guess what she will do. Fans of the star believe that she is planning to enlarge Breasts. Physician participants “House-2” will be a prominent plastic surgeon Hayk Babayan.

      Екатерина Колисниченко ляжет под нож пластического хирурга

      The star of “House-2” Ekaterina Kolisnichenko decided to do plastic surgery. The girl has an appointment with a famous plastic surgeon Nut Babayan. His clinic, located in the center of Moscow, has hosted many famous guests. Not so long ago, he advised the singer Sasha Project about the new breast, he also confided in Anna Kalashnikova to cope with the scars arising after childbirth. At different times to the doctor also addressed by other participants “House-2”, in particular, Rustam Solntsev and Eugene Feofilaktova.

      After Kolisnichenko decided to go under the surgeon’s knife, she invited its fans to guess what she will do. “Friends, I have today is a fateful day! On inspection I have a wonderful surgeon. Gayk Pavlovic will improve me. Guess what are we gonna do?”, — a girl wrote in his microblog. Fans of the TV stars have begun a vigorous discussion of the upcoming changes in appearance of Catherine. Some have speculated that she’s done a few operations, and most expressed confidence that Kolisnichenko will increase your Breasts.

      Екатерина Колисниченко ляжет под нож пластического хирурга

      Catherine, reading the comments of the subscribers hastened to clarify the situation. According to the girl, she had never appealed to the clinic of plastic surgery, as many say. “My dear, you see that some of you have attributed to me a bunch of operations in the comments. It’s official: no operation I did! Nose, Breasts, butt is all his own. While its” — said Kolesnichenko on speculation of fans. Some, however, saw the publication of the participant “Houses-2” the hint of a body part, which star wants to change.

      In addition, among the subscribers Kolisnichenko there were those who began to convince the girl that she’s beautiful, and she doesn’t have to change. “Kate, you and so babe, don’t do anything, I beg of you”, “you’re good”, “It”, “you gorgeous!”, “I think Kate and so beautiful, and it is dissatisfied with something. Very interesting, what?”, — wrote the TV star fans.

      Ekaterina Kolisnichenko one of the brightest participants of the project “House-2”. After she left the show, she married a musician Nikita Kapelyush, known under the pseudonym Dj Racer, and took her husband’s name. In the “House-2” Ekaterina was with her sister-twin Julia, who now wears her husband’s name, she now Salibekov. The girls were very close on the project, but after some time moved away from each other and stopped talking. However, judging by recent photos of Catherine in her Instagram, she again became friends with Salibekov. The sisters celebrated the birthday of Julia in one of the capital’s bars.

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