Vlad Sokolovsky was detained at the airport of Samara

Влада Соколовского задержали в аэропорту Самары
The singer was at the center of the conflict with airline employees.

Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: from the microblog Vlad Sokolovsky

An unpleasant story happened to the popular singer
Vlad Sokolovsky on tour. The musician was not allowed in the plane due to the fact that
he didn’t print my e-ticket.

“Today we not departed from Samara, — said Vlad.
— The reason? The most idiotic reason in my life! Unopened e
ticket! I asked the company representatives: “are You serious?” They replied “Yes”.
It was their only “Yes” for the whole day. Now the details. On the way to the airport
we got stuck in traffic, but the delay was not significant: three (!) minutes. We
aware that check-in closes 40 minutes before departure, but we were
registered, so not even worried. Sometimes we even detained
planes… I’m not saying it’s good, and we’re good, this is just an example
who says only the valiant representatives of the airline!

Today we are pleased the company that we fly
for a thousand years, and it is in the list of recommended companies in our rider.
The airline representative didn’t even come to us to explain the reason: he just
transferred by radio to the administrator “no”. We were in complete shock. We
remained 35 minutes before departure, we were without Luggage, and the only thing he
decided to note is the lack of a printed ticket”.

Sokolowski admitted that never before, as
most of the passengers who fly on e-tickets, not him
had to print a document.

“Never! — continues the singer. — We stood near
control and listened as the entire airport late cause other people to
the same flight, imagine? We went to the airline office, and there
that was the most wonderful representative, who even in the face of mumbled,
looking at me, and I could not really Express their thoughts! When I went to chastise,
he just ran away — like a little
the girl was pulling pigtails at school… I think it’s a shame
airlines, and such people should be kicked out. We “got money”: for
lost the tickets and, of course, new. For a change, of course, we
pay extra, attention, on 5000 rubles per ticket, which is more than 80% of
the cost of the first ticket. In General, it was a memorable weekend in the airport

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