Екатерина Климова не намерена помогать наследнице с внуками The actress warns the daughter that she should not count. Ekaterina Klimova is a mother of four children and not ready for a possible addition to the family. Meanwhile, Elizabeth wants at least two kids.

      Few can boast of such impeccable figure after the birth of four children, like Ekaterina Klimova. The actress is lucky in the fact that when a large number of parent concerns, she does not drop out of the profession.

      Of course, the star is not easy to combine family life and work. But her eldest daughter Lisa, looking at his happy family, dreams for the future have more than one child. 14-year-old girl does not exclude, that will give the mother at least two grandchildren.

      “I’m still not very far from the age when girls play with dolls, therefore unlikely to discuss this topic seriously. Of course, when you grow up in a large family, become less selfish, tolerant and hardy, so now I understand that ideally, the family should be at least two children,” says Lisa.

      Meanwhile, the girl realizes that she has two younger brothers and a little sister that is 11 months old, so the mother and so is a big load. At least Lisa realizes that Catherine in the matter of education her grandchildren will not help.

      Klimova herself with humor takes the words to his daughter about the future offspring. However, she warns Lisa that if she wants to be an actress, she would have to think about a career, not family.

      “We are at the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin warned that the profession is very jealous, it’s not even a profession but a vocation. The actress of the family can not be, especially lemurs, so is the daughter, no kids, if you want to follow in my footsteps,” says the star in an interview with “7 days”.

      By the way, mother and daughter are very friendly. Catherine and Lisa have almost a one size garment, so it is convenient to use. In addition, she listens to the advice of the famous mother during shopping. Shopping Klimova and her heiress go together.