Дочь Майкла Джексона планирует выйти замуж назло семье Near the girl against her romance with 26-year-old drummer. Family members Paris Jackson was appalled by the convictions of her Beau, who is known for his racist views.

      Дочь Майкла Джексона планирует выйти замуж назло семье

      From spring to the end of August, 18-year-old Paris was almost inseparable from 26-year-old boyfriend Michael Snoddy – drummer of the rock group Street Drum Corps. They were photographed at concerts, walked the dogs, swam in the pool under the stars, kissing in the annual fair “orange County” and embraced a fashion shoot Paris in new York. This event is the young lady explained on their pages in social networks with the caption: “I’ve been your groupie, it’s time to switch roles”. In the last days of summer lovers hid.

      One would assume that the passion is over, but, according to sources close to the Jackson family, just the opposite. Supposedly Paris has agreed to marry Michael’s married but doesn’t know how to break the news of a formidable grandmother Katherine. Paris wants to set the stage and introduce native Michael closer, because at the moment they have absolutely no reason to sympathize with her chosen one. By the way, young people have already managed to move in – lovers are now living together in an old mansion of the father of Michael Snoddy in Los Angeles.

      Unfulfilled promise

      Paris meets with Michael in March. Young people met at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is traditionally not a very suitable place to start a relationship and creating a family. However, at first the Jacksons reacted positively to the novel because he’s distracted Paris from the worries about last year’s collapse of love.

      Дочь Майкла Джексона планирует выйти замуж назло семье

      Previous boyfriend – footballer Chester, Castello – it all began rosy. He even gave Paris “the promise ring” which does not mean the engagement itself, but shows that the young man is serious, and the girl is not free. The idyll ended nine months later, in December 2015, when Paris found out that Chester it is most attracted to loud name and a rich inheritance. After an ugly breakup, she plunged into melancholy. The family, alarmed in spite of youth, in the passive ladies are clinically depressed, and attempt suicide, and to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, she also walks not just. So sensitive and keenly feeling nature amorous disappointments are strictly contraindicated.


      The Jacksons stopped to mentally thank Snoddy for the return to Paris in good spirits, as soon as I got his pages in social networks. First, it turned out that the guy regularly increases tone using illicit drugs and catching bad example may send down the drain recent expensive treatment Paris from different kinds of addictions.

      In addition, it was found that, Snoddy strongly dislike African Americans, which refers to the incorrect word with the letter “n”. He admires the times when they were lynching, and on his arm tattooed the flag of the Confederate States of America – the Union of slaveholders-southerners who fought in the Civil war against the abolition of slavery. Pressed to the wall, Snoddy covered Paris, saying he would not date a girl from a black family, if there was such a complete racist.

      But not even a complete racist as a relative of the Jacksons somehow does not inspire. Since then, claims to see Michael just accumulated. The Jacksons believe that he has placed Paris on tattoos and piercings, which lead grandmother Katherine in a not very quiet horror. But his main sin is that he distracted lover from thinking about a career in show business.

      “The family always thought of the three children of Michael Jackson from Paris the best chances of success, say friends of the Jacksons. They despise the idea that she will sacrifice the continuation of my father’s Affairs and possible fame, to cook the lunch and wash the shirts to his drummer. Now Paris live for him, and all the rest of her deeply on the drum.”


      Paris immediately issued a denial of the news about the engagement. “So many rumours about weddings and pregnancies over the past three years! she wrote online. – What’s next? Maybe I’m running for President? Or Michael and became supervillains plan to take over the world? Calm down already! If I was engaged, I would know about it before you.”

      In the opinion of the experts on Hollywood mores, this rebuttal is too emotional and verbose to be true. “If Snoddy did not pierce himself, the only hope for the grandmother, Katherine, is talking to close family sources. Paris impulsive, she believes each five-minute love a basis for marriage. Someone needs to explain to her that it’s not so.

      The problem is that going to conflict with the wayward Princess relatives are afraid. Especially now, when her biological mother Debbie Rowe is fighting breast cancer, and Paris lives in the stress of the prospect of losing another parent. By the way, Debbie is the only person who tried to instill in her the concept of discipline, which is what Paris is simply stopped all contact with her mother. And again came in contact only after found out about her diagnosis from the Internet.

      Bitter experience Debbie, featured in silent anguish looking at pictures of Paris Michael, Snoddy, new tattoos, cigarettes and beer. Offer uncle Jermaine and aunts Janet and La Toya to set the girl brain or even just to spank over and over again swept aside by a majority vote.

      “They are worried about the path followed by Paris – say friends of the family. – But she is now an adult and financially independent, if it is something not like it, she can move out of the family home and start living as you want, without any control. In the opinion of the Jacksons, it will be the worst scenario”.