Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Мы пережили травлю и счастливы» The footballer and his fiancee were able to overcome all difficulties. After Andrew and Alice formalized their relationship in one of the salons of St. Petersburg, the couple went to honeymoon in Sochi. “StarHit” how was the honeymooners.

      Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Мы пережили травлю и счастливы»

      Couples sign on 1 September in the St. Petersburg registry office on the promenade des Anglais, was surprised to see in the queue for the marriage of 35-year-old soccer star Andrei Arshavin. Svezheotzhaty, in a black three-piece suit, Andrew did not show excitement – he was telling the bride Alice Catimini that now finally it will happen.

      Andrey Arshavin married to a sweetheart

      When they were invited into the hall, the couple ascended the staircase for employee of the establishment to the second floor. There were relatives and a few friends. The bride looked flawless. Modest silk fitted dress with long sleeves, fashionable six-foot veil. 34-year-old Alice glowed with happiness not only because of the interesting situation… the Girl was decorated with a huge number of diamonds. In a plunging neckline adorned with a cross with stones weighing about 4 carats, and in addition trehserijnogo engagement ring attracted the attention of another gift of the groom, three Cartier Love bracelet of white, yellow and rose gold, worth about 12 million rubles.

      Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Мы пережили травлю и счастливы»

      “For three years, their relationship Andrew spared no expense,’ says a friend of the girl Anna. He was trying to fulfill all her wishes. Gave her carte Blanche for the General arrangement of the house – she chose the design, changed the car on the latest model of the same brand, gave Hermes bags for hundreds of thousands of rubles.”

      Despite the fact that their romance was vigorously debated in the press, Andrew and Alice was able to overcome difficulties.

      “I think we have our actions on 1 September showed everyone and everything. Having gone through all the persecution, we are happy,” admitted Alice, “StarHit”.
      Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Мы пережили травлю и счастливы»

      Three years of waiting

      Football star Arshavin became the captain through the title of Russian national team and Petersburg club “Zenit” in which he played for 10 years. At the peak of popularity in 2009, Andrew accepted the invitation of Arsenal and moved to England the whole family: the civil wife Yulia, son Artem and daughter Jan. However, playing overseas has not worked – athlete pursued to succeed. After three years in this connection he came back rented a striker in his native “Zenit”. Leaving Albion native, athletic, settled in his St. Petersburg apartment. To play better, he did not, which came under a wave of negativity from fans. To a decline in the professional sphere was compounded by the problems in his personal life. And even those born in the summer of 2012 son Arseny did not save the family. At the same time, the friend of Andrew Alice broke up the marriage with the Petersburg businessman Alexei kazeminy. Soon it became obvious that they have relations with.

      Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Мы пережили травлю и счастливы»

      In Sochi

      Arshavin don’t like to expose my personal life, so I chose for your honeymoon the most exclusive hotel on the black sea coast. Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA is protected from all sides: from the water it is separated by half a kilometer piers, and land – huge fences, checkpoints and a dozen security guards, who pass each other on the radios, who moves through the area.

      “The bride and groom liked the most remote building – “Villa”. – It has few rooms, and it is in contrast to the main building decorated in bright colors – say “StarHit” at the hotel. – Apartments are booked footballer, two – storey, with some of the best. Price per night – 71 thousand roubles”.

      On the territory of “homeland” Andrew, Alice, and her children rested only 4 days, and then suddenly went.

      “Arshavin was basking in the sun, walking along the Seaside promenade… I saw them together on the beach. They were lying on a sun lounger, Alice was watching a movie on the tablet and then handed it to the children, and they included cartoons – says the “StarHit” neighbor pairs on the hotel Marina. Children of Andrew love. They run up to him, asking permission to dip Xia. He swam with them in the sea, was furious circling, throwing in the water. The kids were excited as their mother, with a smile watching”.
      Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Мы пережили травлю и счастливы»

      Couple sunbathing and a poolside on the lounger, you can order food and drinks. While Andrew and Alice talked a little climbing rope and rode a roller coaster. Had dinner in the room. There is a dining table covered by a personal waiter. Preferred seafood and vegetables. When the time was nearing sunset, the bride and groom were going for a walk.

      Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Мы пережили травлю и счастливы»

      “We followed them along the waterfront, says “StarHit” Sochi resident Oleg. – Andrew carried on the shoulders of a little girl in a fancy dress, white kolgotochki and shoes. Next to his wife holding the hand of the older boy. Saw athlete buying local ice cream and cotton candy”. Of the sights the couple visited the Olympic Park and Dolphinarium. Giving it twenty minutes, they got into a rented Mercedes and drove off to the border with Abkhazia. There away from prying eyes walked up the shingle, though not so perfect as in the “Homeland”, but far from the excitement of the festival “New wave”, which was held in Sochi, artists and journalists. The main frames of the “New wave”: what is not shown on TV