Small and large news

Маленькие и большие новости In the absence of global positive small but funny news may improve mood. TV presenter Boris korchevnikov, gave his girlfriend a puppy Corgi, and Yuri Solomin and Nikolay Bulaev are the main heroes in the assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin.

      My colleague, TV presenter Boris korchevnikov, gave his girlfriend, the journalist Masha Chepurnova, the dog. Judging by the photos on social networks, pathetic puppy Corgi spent on it 60 thousand rubles justifies, bringing joy to all.

      In the festive service of the Patriarch on the day of the assumption of the virgin, where Boris and I crossed paths, he was with another girl. Posing as Katherine, she told me that she was a Muslim, but because of the friendship with Koschevnikovi found another religion and 28 July, the day of Prince Vladimir and the baptism of Rus (this memorable date is celebrated in the country for the sixth year), converted to Orthodoxy. And the main characters in the Dormition Cathedral of the Kremlin after the Liturgy the Primate of the Russian Church – and this is big news – began Yuri Solomin and Nikolay Burlyaev. For service to the Church and to the Fatherland, they were presented with awards.

      I especially was glad for the world chess champion and now President of the International Association of peace foundations Anatoly Karpov, received the order of St. Seraphim of Sarov, including for the restoration of Valaam monastery.