Ekaterina Klimova is competing with her daughter

Екатерина Климова соперничает с дочерью The actress published a picture of 14-year-old Lisa. Ekaterina Klimova has admitted that now her eldest heiress is going through puberty and moving away from her. And the artist tends to spend more time with children.

      Екатерина Климова соперничает с дочерью

      Now a popular actress Ekaterina Klimova with four children. The oldest daughter Lisa for 14 years. Now, when the girl began to grow up, Catherine does not like to compete with your child.

      “Who has longer legs? And sneakers kozyrnaia?” – signed picture actress, in which both ladies are dressed in sportswear and sneakers are practically the same.

      Fans admired 14-year-old daughter of the actress has grown and turns into a real young lady. “Catherine, insanely beautiful! My favorite actress!”, “Two beauties!” – they ceased not to fall asleep compliments the followers of the actress.

      Ekaterina Klimova is trying to communicate with her daughter. Not so long ago the actress said that now Lisa is going through puberty, and therefore gradually moving away from their parents. The artist realizes that her baby appears your circle of friends, formed new interests and Outlook on life. And indeed Klimov with age has become another way to relate to children.

      “I can say to myself that, of course, I’m getting older, and tactics of my education is different, and needs different. I want to love more, to spend more time together, at home, in the family circle. But at the same time the eldest daughter just needs less and less in my society, and I understand that now, when I’m ready for her to give something, it closes, she has her own world. And if before, when I said, “You need your own room”, she cried and didn’t want to sleep alone, now she closes the door and, frankly, not always waiting for me,” admitted Catherine.

      Now, in addition to Elizabeth, Klimov pays attention to the three younger children. Last fall, her family got the baby Bella from her fourth spouse Gela Meskhi. But older children are not only jealous mother to her newborn sister, and help her take care of her. The actress is glad that her family is peace and understanding, and the fans believe that only right education can form such character in children. The actress believes that the most indicative for the heirs of the personal example of parents.

      “It is pointless to try to impose her attitude to the child. While it is small, we can obey, but this does not mean that he then life will listen to you and do as you want. Sooner or later, in children, there is a protest, and parental obsession can destroy everything”, – shared her thoughts Klimov.

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