Albert Filozova the best role in the movie

Лучшие роли Альберта Филозова в кино recalls the legendary work of the famous actor who died on 79 year of life.

Лучшие роли Альберта Филозова в кино

Albert Filozov in the role of Schoerner in the film “Teheran-43”

The Nazis Scherner in the film “Teheran 43” (1981)

In 1980, the actor was invited to the role of Nazi Schoerner
in the painting “Tehran-43”: however, the actor agreed immediately. “I thought,
accepting a negative role, I thus turn any boundary,” recalled albert Leonidovich. However, the role of
seemed interesting, also a partner on the film Filozova approved
famous French actor Alain Delon. How to give pleasure
to work with a world star? The plot and characters Filozova
Delon spoke French, and our actor, not a knower of this language,
I had to learn by heart an unfamiliar phrase. Everything turned out so
certain that hardly anyone suspected Filozova in ignorance of the French.
After the success in the film “Tehran-43” albert Filozova talent many more times
used to create images of all sorts of scoundrels, villains and spies.

Лучшие роли Альберта Филозова в кино

Albert Filozov as Mr. George banks in “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”

Mr. banks in the musical Comedy “Mary Poppins, goodbye” (1983)

The pattern makers at all stages before filming. It was not the lead actress, could not find suitable for children, it is impossible to get in a car… And if the role of Mary Poppins could play Anastasia Vertinskaya, and not Natalya Andreichenko, Mr. banks Director Leonid Kvinikhidze only saw albert Filozova. Good positive dad and pupils of Mary Poppins was one hundred percent hit in the role of an actor. After all, Filozov, mostly played such characters, so the filmmakers had no other options at the casting.

Лучшие роли Альберта Филозова в кино

Albert Filozov as Mr. of Sekondi in the movie “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines”

Mr. Second in the film “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines” (1987)

Starring in the film were performed by Nikolay Karachentsov and Andrei Mironov, but Mr. the Second, which has plunged the town in the Wild West to the depths of depravity with their films, the audience enjoyed no less. The creators of the film, as usual in the Soviet time, a lot of hard work to recreate the picture life abroad. Nature looking for a long time, eventually the scenery Santa Carolina was built in the Crimea, near Koktebel. Few people know that the film could have ended in tragedy. One day on the Playground was such a strong wind that all the scenery had almost fell right on which there is no escape artists! Including to albert Filozova. Because the prop guys didn’t build real buildings on the site were only facades, propped up by driven into the ground boards… In the end the filmmakers had to slow down work on the painting, and avoid tragedies greatly strengthen the construction, whereas offshore wind…

Albert Filozov in movie “the New adventures of the Yankees in king Arthur’s court”

King Arthur in the film “the New adventures of the Yankees in king Arthur’s court” (1988)

The most fateful in the life of albert Filozova was shooting in this picture. After all, it is here, in Kiev, he met his third wife — Natalia.

“I was at the Kiev Studio Dovzhenko, and one day I, as always, on the platform met a young girl who was late for ten minutes. I was furious! — recalled Filozov. — I said, “I Immediately buy a return ticket, I won’t stay here another second! Once you meet”. I played a major role in the movie “a Connecticut Yankee in king Arthur’s court”. And she instead of I and make, type, stay, said, “Yes, well, now.” And that I bribed. “Okay, let’s go to the Studio”. That’s all”…

For Natalia Filozov divorced his previous wife, and only then was able to marry the girl. The age difference of both of the lovers were not deterred, though, and was quite impressive — 20 years. Albert and Natalia lived together for almost three decades.

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