Ekaterina Klimova has shocked fans with a photo shoot in bikini

Екатерина Климова потрясла фанатов фотосессией в бикини
38-year-old actress has published photos taken by her husband.

Екатерина Климова потрясла фанатов фотосессией в бикини

Ekaterina Klimova

Photo: @Instagram klimovagram Ekaterina Klimova

The star of the Russian theatre
and cinema — Ekaterina Klimova has pleased his fans a photo shoot in a swimsuit.
Recently, she went along with her husband — Gela Meskhi to rest at sea. On arrival
my husband decided to take a photo of Catherine at the pool. She was so pleased with
the result of that later published a few pictures in the microblog,
signing them: “my Husband the best photographer in the world!”.

The photos of 38-year-old Klimova in a bikini in a matter of minutes received
the approval of several thousand fans. “Babe! There are no words! The figure is gorgeous! To
the question of what childbirth spoil the figure — You are only painting!” “Beautiful
mother of 4 children! I’ll shut the fridge!” “Bravo husband!” commented
pictures fans.

Ekaterina from such
the number of compliments, a little embarrassed, after all, nothing out of the ordinary for
the preservation of the body it does not. According to the actress, she just carefully watching
what products her family consumes. For example, fried potatoes she
replaces your baked, which by the way really like her children. Soda in the house Klimova
also will not meet. The only thing that strictly adheres to Catherine —
separate the intake of proteins and carbohydrates. The steak she is eating it without the dressing, and to
potatoes prefer to serve a variety of fresh salads.

Also, the actress likes
pamper yourself with trips to the Spa salons. On going to the gym at Klimova
time left. However, Catherine still found a way and deals
by strengthening the muscles of the right on the way home from filming. “You just have within
at least 10 seconds much strain, and then relax those muscles that you
want to work out. To do these exercises at least 10 minutes twice a
day. Riding the bus — and involve yourself in the buttocks. Sitting at work — and
straining the abdominal muscles or the back!” — shared Council Catherine.

Ekaterina Klimova

Photo: @Instagram klimovagram Ekaterina Klimova

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