James McAvoy left his wife for Jennifer Lawrence

Джеймс МакЭвой ушел от жены из-за Дженнифер Лоуренс
The star of “X-Men” took the decision to divorce.

James McAvoy with wife

Photo: Splash News/East news

37-year-old actor James McAvoy has announced that he intends to terminate
his marriage with actress Anne-Marie Duff. As the official reasons for his decision
James pointed out your tremendous workload and the mismatch of workers
graphic of himself and his wife. In this case, McAvoy said that he hoped to save with Anne-Marie friendly
the relationship and care with her about their child, son Brendan. The announcement of the impending divorce of the two actors took place
in a not very appropriate time: during a new advertising campaign
film James — “X-Men: Apocalypse”, which will be released in the

McAvoy and Duff has lived legally and, as it seemed,
happily married for nine years. They met and fell for each other on
the filming of the Comedy television series “Shameless”, and in October 2006 played
a small wedding, which invited only the closest friends and
relatives. And in 2010, they had their only son Brendan.

From the beginning the pair decided not to tell
reporters about his personal life, so what about what happened behind closed
the door of the house Anne-Marie and James, almost nothing is known. In public together, they
appeared not often, and in the rare interview was limited to a statement of fact that
in their relationship, everything is fine.

However, recently began to spread rumors,
James became interested in his partner for shooting in the “X — Men” – Jennifer Lawrence. The fact that McAvoy is clearly indifferent
to Lawrence, I noticed even the audience, when the actors all took part in
talk show during the advertising campaign of the film. And gossips claim that
flirting with Jennifer, and not the busy schedule of the actor, caused his

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