Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi showed daughter live

Екатерина Климова и Гела Месхи показали дочь в прямом эфире The actors were the guests of the program “Evening Urgant”. Performers of the main roles of the series “Wolf sun” said that likes to do their heiress Bella, and admitted that he has not played a real wedding.

      Екатерина Климова и Гела Месхи показали дочь в прямом эфире

      Actors Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi starred in a new historical series of the First channel “the Wolf sun”. In the story of serial movie employee of the GPU Mikhail Ostanin must prevent the invasion of white-guard émigré troops from Poland to the territory of the Soviet Union. Catherine and Gela were the guests of the program “Evening Urgant”, which told about the shooting and about his family life.

      When was the work on the project, Klimova had to ride a horse. “Katya, for example, was ruled by a coach. She decided to do it standing up to look spectacular. The horse tried to hit Kate with his rear hooves, but she didn’t give up,” shared Meskhi.

      The couple also admitted that very much love football and said Hello to children in a highly original way. Host of the TV show Ivan Urgant repeated the gestures and acting of the pair is also addressed to the heirs of artists. “Not to be backward,” explained the showman.

      Екатерина Климова и Гела Месхи показали дочь в прямом эфире

      From the moment we started shooting the past few years. According to the actors, they met while working on a painting. When Gela Meskhi saw Ekaterina Klimova for the first time, he was struck by her beauty. So the artist always wanted to kiss a partner.

      After some time, the loving couple decided to legalize their relationship. Ivan Urgant decided to ask celebrities, as was their engagement. “The questions are a little personal, but it’s so interesting… I buy the newspaper, and there is nothing about it says… it is better here, as they say, than in the “StarHit”, — joked the presenter.

      Meskhi said she did offer the woman a few times. The actor was determined to impress the woman he loves.

      “We went to new York, I wanted to impress Kate. Our suitcases got lost somewhere, we were little “pomarici”… We lived near the Guggenheim Museum , there was Central Park where we walked. Rickshaw told us about the bridge, which all make suggestions… without thinking, I knelt down. The second time I made an offer already in France, in Paris, on the Eiffel tower — shared the actor.

      The daughter of actors, was born Bella was born in the fall of 2015. The stars are doted in the charming little girl. In the program showed several photos of pretty girls. “Smile Kikabidze” — these words Klimov described the happy expression of the child. “She’s very beautiful. She like myself. Kisses herself in the mirror,” added the actress.

      Екатерина Климова и Гела Месхи показали дочь в прямом эфире