Nikolay Noskov will be a long rehabilitation

Николаю Носкову предстоит длительная реабилитация The musician has cancelled all concerts until the end of June. Representatives of Nikolay Noskov has informed that now the state of the actor is stable. In the night from Monday to Tuesday the singer got to the hospital.

      Representatives of the musician Nikolay Noskov did not hide the fact that the actor is in a clinic and told fans about the incident. It turned out that the singer was taken to the hospital in serious condition, and after examination, the doctors began to prepare him for surgery to remove a blood clot in the cervical spine. Reportedly, Socks now feels fine. However the artist and his team will have to cancel performances in different cities of Russia and foreign countries, which were scheduled until mid-June. Apparently, the musician will have a long rehab and he decided not to risk it. Nikolay Noskov prepare for emergency surgery

      “Dear viewers! Concerts jubilee tour “6:0″, which was scheduled for April and may, are transferred at a later date. Purchased tickets can be returned to their places of purchase”, – reported the official website of Noskova.

      Fans were disappointed that the artist will have serious treatment. They were sympathetic to the abolition of the concerts, despite the fact that was waiting for his speech. Fans realize that the main thing – health of your favorite artist. They look forward to any news on the status of Noskova. “There is some news about the health of Nikolai Ivanovich? Have a day’s no information,” “I Hope that Nikolai will be better! If the tickets do not want to return, then it would be possible to change to the new date when it becomes known?” – wrote followers.

      Representatives of Nikolay Noskov, promised to keep up to date with everything that is happening with the artist. They talked about how they would report the news twice a day. Thus assistants Noskova want to protect fans from the false information spread in the Network. So, on the eve spread a rumor that the actor allegedly became worse, but because its hooked up to life support. The representatives were quick to refute this information. Now the artist is in another Department of the clinic.

      “According to the recommendations of the experts Nikolay Ivanovich was transferred to a rehabilitation center. The condition is estimated as stable. Next week we held a consultation, the results of which doctors will determine the date of the transaction,” wrote at page Noskova in the social network.