Egor Krid spoke about the breakup with Daria Lukinoj

Егор Крид заговорил о расставании с Дарьей Клюкиной On MUZ-TV, the singer was no winner of the show “the Bachelor.” The actor came to the ceremony with their parents. He willingly talked about new creative ideas, communicated with fans. Creed also commented on the relationship with Lukinoj.

Relationships Daria Lukinoj and Yegor creed for a long time discussing all fans of “the Bachelor.” She even left the show due to conflicts with singer, but soon returned. She managed to beat all rivals, on the second attempt, she became the winner of the project. However, in the past the MUZ-TV creed came without Daria. The singer hinted that their relationship was over.

“Dasha very nice and kind. But the life has disposed so, that we can’t be together. We’re good buddies,” said creed.

Fans of the pair had expected to see them together on the track, but unfortunately, this did not happen. It should be noted that Klyukina and does not appear on the award.

We will remind, nearly a week ago in the final of the show “the Bachelor” Egor picked out two girls that is Daria. Brunette Victoria Korotkova failed to win.

“Near the Dasha could be either very good or very bad. Vetch felt some sort of peace. With her you feel well consistently,” admitted creed.

Daria said, why go for the second time on a project that has already Klyukina competed for the heart of Elijah Glinnikov. In a recent interview, the girl said that love Egor after a personal meeting. For the sake of Krida, she even got rid of bad habits.

“I knew it was the place where you have real experiences. I knew at the show I can meet someone who will become my loved ones, I believed it, because it was already such an example in front of me. I was mentally prepared for the fact that it’s not like girls. I knew that hardly anyone will be glad they came to Dasha. But the project participant Eugene told me: “I’m glad you’re here. If you’re here, then everything is fine because you are normal,” shared Klyukina.

Dasha said that despite all the difficulties, will win the heart of Yegor.

“I knew him in absentia before the project. There were several situations when we were with him or to meet, or to meet you, but it never happened. I saw in the media that a new “Bachelor” will be Egor. Maybe it’s silly, but I believe in signs, and I thought, why not. I wanted to know him as a person,” said Daria.

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