Died the star of the film “Sibiriada” Igor okhlupin

Скончался звезда фильма «Сибириада» Игорь Охлупин People’s artist of the RSFSR was 79 years old. Igor okhlupin sick, and eventually couldn’t fight the disease. Of his death, reported the press service of the Mayakovsky theater, where the man worked for several years.
Скончался звезда фильма «Сибириада» Игорь Охлупин

9 June 2018 died people’s artist of the RSFSR Igor okhlupin. The man was 79 years old. A few days ago he was in the hospital, but the diagnosis of actor was not advertised. Before the press service of the theater Mayakovsky announced that the by many prominent roles died.

“I regret to inform you that today the died people’s artist of the RSFSR Igor okhlupin. Igor Leonidovich died in hospital after a short illness, in the 80th year of life . We bring condolences to the families and friends of the artist! For all Makovnev it is an irreparable loss. Light memory of talented artist and wonderful person”, – reported in a press-service of the theatre.

Igor okhlupin became famous in 1978 when he played a major role in Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “Sibiriada”. Also the man has participated in such bands as “Olesnica love”, “the Obelisk” and many others.

Despite having prominent roles in filmography, actor decided not to continue her film career. His most recent role dates back to 1985.

While Igor Leonidovich continued to work at the Mayakovsky theater, in the company of which he was listed since the beginning of 60-ies. For decades creative activities okhlupin played many prominent roles on the stage. According to recognize colleagues, he was a real crowd pleaser.

Recently Igor Leonidovich much less worked in the theater. The last major performance with his participation under the name “Mr. Puntila and his servant Matti” set in 2012.

Despite the lack of prominent roles in the last few years, okhlupin was still a frequent visitor of the theatre named after Mayakovsky. He mentored many young actors and helping them to open up.

By the way, the daughter of national artist Alain also decided to associate life with a creative profession. Now it is considered one of the leading Actresses of Maly theatre.

Fans are confident that over the years of creative activity Igor Leonidovich made a huge contribution to the development of art. His striking role will forever remain in the memory of the audience.

The official statement of the Mayakovsky theater is not reported where and when will the funeral of the artist.