Egor creed became the new “Bachelor” on TNT

Егор Крид стал новым «Холостяком» на ТНТ The singer has long weighed the pros and cons, but then decided to go to a popular project. Shooting the sixth season will begin in November. For this Yegor Creed, had to revise his busy schedule.

The Russian show-business in danger of losing another beautiful may soon Egor Krid will go to the altar. Two years there were rumors that the singer will look for love in the show, TNT, but every time he refused due to the tight schedule. But now accepted the offer.

“Egor has signed an agreement with the channel, told the “StarHit” each singer Alex. – He thought long and hard before you decide, weigh all the pros and cons.”

For the heart of a 23-year-old creed fight 25 girls. Shooting the sixth season of the TV show most romantic countries will begin in November.

Despite the relatively young age, Hayley has managed to earn a reputation as a notorious womanizer. On account of his affair with the singer Nyusha, which lasted about two years. However, the couple had to break up because this relationship is not approved by the father of the actress. Also creed met models Diana, Malison, Xenia Delhi, Vika Madame Odintsov. The guy attributed novels with Victoria Dayneko and Olga Seryabkina, which, according to creed, he would be happily married if she agrees. Stars go back a long way, and besides, the soloist of group “Silver” is for Egor ideal of beauty. Although today he is free, the singer says that he is ready to serious relations, marriage.

The choice of which creed to give heart to the project “the Bachelor”, pull truly happy ticket, after all Egor not only handsome, but also rich. Last year the singer entered the top 20 Russian stars on the level of income in Forbes ranking. With earnings of $3.6 million, he took 8 th place. Anyone will be able to win the heart of the creed, the audience of “the Bachelor” will know for next spring.

In five seasons of “the Bachelor” love tried to find a football player Evgeniy Levchenko, a former husband of Anna Sedokova businessman Maxim Cherniavsky, showman Timur Batrutdinov, actor, Director and singer Alexey Vorobyov, and also star of the TV series “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov.