Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their third child

Принц Уильям и Кейт Миддлтон ждут третьего ребенка Kate Middleton is pregnant. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge officially announced the upcoming replenishment in the family. Because of poor health due to early morning sickness, the wife of Prince William plans to take time off from a light.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their third child. Information about this appeared in the Monday, September 4, in the official account of Kensington Palace on Twitter. The couple released an official statement in which has told about the planned addition to the family.

According to representatives of the Royal family, Kate Middleton will cease to engage in social activities. Fiancee of Prince William has canceled immediate plans and intends to remain in his residence.

“As during the previous two pregnancies, Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (uncontrollable vomiting of pregnancy, an early form of morning sickness – Ed.)”, the message reads Kensington Palace.

About two weeks ago in the media appeared information about the fact that Kate Middleton was urgently admitted to the hospital in Marylebone. After some time the wife of Prince William has returned home. Poor health of the Duchess of Cambridge told the tabloids explained by toxicosis. Then many speculated that Middleton is expecting a third child, but until recently, representatives of the Royal family did not comment on speculation of the public.

A source close to Kate and William told reporters that relatives of the couples worried about the health of the Duchess.

“In the beginning of last week Kate was hospitalized. Members of the Royal family could not find a place. Middleton was taken to king’s hospital in Marylebone, but the next day was discharged,” said an insider at the end of August.

Recall that Kate Middleton and Prince William are raising a four-year George Alexander Louis and two year-old Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. In July, the couple chose a school for my son. The boy will attend preparatory classes Thomas’s School to obtain a base for further learning. September 7, little George for the first time crossed the threshold of secondary school. Kate Middleton and Prince William checked out the school that give heir