Edita about her diagnosis: “No wait!”

Эдита Пьеха о своем диагнозе: «Не дождетесь!»
The singer commented on the hospitalization.



Some time ago, Edita was hospitalized in one of hospitals of St. Petersburg. It was reported that 80-year-old actress worsened after transferred colds. Recently it became known that the popular actress has been in a stalemate. The singer allegedly left without family support.

Edita is in a medical facility in General terms (in the house for six people) and without the necessary medications needed for recovery. From Peha was diagnosed with an exacerbation of bronchitis. According to rumors, the artist does not visit relatives: a daughter and grandchildren, since all are traveling.

“The bronchitis just got. Bronchitis is very strong. And at night coughing. Reporters without end calling — not dead yet? No, no wait!” she said in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”, reporters which visited her in the hospital and brought the necessary medication. Stas Peha, contacted journalists, said that his grandmother “common colds that turned into bronchitis, like everyone else.”