Lera Kudryavtseva is rapidly gaining extra pounds

Лера Кудрявцева стремительно набирает лишние килограммы
The presenter lost control of the weight?

Lera Kudryavtseva

Photo: @leratv (Instagram Lera Kudryavtseva)

Last month, in secular circles, rumors about the pregnancy of Lera Kudryavtseva. Figure presenter widened considerably, in connection with which TV star has completely changed her wardrobe. Fans assumed that she’s pregnant, but apparently, the changes in appearance Lera associated with expecting a baby. The pictures, taken recently, Kudryavtseva demonstrated a lack of a rounded belly. However, she looks much larger than before.

In a personal blog Kudryavtseva being heated debate about the possible causes of rapid weight gain. “Did you gain weight or a photo unsuccessful?”, “Wow, Leroy, You are a big steel, the Face became round, maybe hair?”, “Valerie is not at its best! It’s not so!”, “This hair look fat and old very much”, “Where is Talia? Always so graceful it was, and now…” — write the presenter.

But last fall Kudryavtseva showed it to the fans flawless figure in a bikini. Then Lera staged beach photo shoot, showing itself in all its glory. Perhaps the figure Lera reflected long-term treatment of herniated discs.