Dynasty Todorovski appeared in one movie

В династии Тодоровских появился еще один режиссер
Peter Todorovsky, Jr. showed his film debut in Vyborg.

В династии Тодоровских появился еще один режиссер

Valery Todorovsky

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Peter Todorovsky, Jr.

Photo: courtesy of the press service

At the film festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg 33-year-old Pyotr Todorovsky released his debut film “love story”, according to his own scenario
a romantic road movie with Alexander Petrov and Wilma Kutavichus in
the lead roles.

As told to Peter, originally he decided to go his own way –
became interested in journalism, graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow state University, worked on TV channels MTV and SPC,
was the chief editor of the international Department of the program “Vesti”. But at some
the time lost interest in journalism, it attracted the movie. And, even though he did not
loves the word “dynasty”, however, it became a part of it. First job
editor at the paintings of his father, Valery Todorovsky, then learn on
The higher courses of scriptwriters and film Directors, then wrote the screenplay.

“I always watched a movie for fun, says Peter. —
There were certain fears to to take directing, so it took
time to figure out what to give all yourself, I can only in this profession.
Usually in families raising children with the idea “not a movie”, but when you
growing up in this environment, you have almost no chance to go other

Todorovski, Jr., does not exclude that talented and
known relatives put on her a certain influence in regard to
taste. “Despite some flaws in my first film, I think I
managed to convey his personal tone is the main thing.”

In the story “love story”, actor-loser Seva, working
the limo driver takes the order to get from Moscow to Sochi, the girl, which
learns his first love, Mary. Ahead of her wedding to a rich businessman,
and while on the way the characters reliving old emotions, especially that Sochi is a city
their love…