Star of the TV series “the vampire Diaries” has become a father for the first time

Звезда сериала «Дневники вампира» стал отцом в первый раз
Ian Somerhalder accepts congratulations.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki reed


the actor, who plays one of the two main roles in the vampire series, shared with
their fans good news. He said that his wife Nikki reed
gave birth to a daughter. The girl who was the first child and for Ian and Nikki,
parents gave an elaborate name Bodhi Salts. As explained Somerhalder, first name,
the Sanskrit word means “Awakened one”, and the second is “the sun” on

he admitted, their daughter was born more than two weeks ago, but Nikki
and Ian all this time, concealed the birth of a child. “This is a very special
the time for me, my wife and our daughter. And we wanted to fully enjoy this precious time together.
Because children grow up so quickly!” said Ian.

that Nikki is pregnant, became known
in may — Ian reported in his microblog. And later the future mother
published a letter to his yet unborn child, which
admitted that she already feels for him is so strong the love, which
she didn’t even know that they are capable.

and Nicky, a novel which began in 2014, and got married in may of 2015. Moreover, their wedding was
strictly classified. “We wanted our wedding was small and intimate —
just the two of us!” — then said This. Recall that prior to its
love story with Nicky, it is 6 years old met with his colleague on the series —
actress Nina Dobrev. And, Nina, as you say, learning about the beginning of the novel
Ian decided to leave the “Diaries…”