Dwayne Johnson in an interview with Express: suicide attempt of the mother and depression in adolescence

Дуэйн Джонсон в интервью для издания Express: попытка суицида матери и депрессия в юности

Movies “Baywatch” and “Jumanji; welcome to the jungle” received high marks from critics, and the audience were ecstatic. It could not play into the hands of the famous actor Daianu Johnson, better known under the alias “the Rock”. Happy dad now raising beautiful daughters and feels great surrounded by women. However, not everything was good in the life of an actor. It turns out that in his youth, Duane had to endure a tough period of life. About it in interview to the British newspaper Express said 45-year-old Rock.

Дуэйн Джонсон в интервью для издания Express: попытка суицида матери и депрессия в юности

“There was a time when I didn’t want anything. I was constantly crying,” recalls Johnson.

When Johnson was only 15 years old, their mother ATA kicked out of the apartment, and then she tried to commit suicide in front of his son. “She got out of the car right in the middle of the highway and went into the oncoming lane. I grabbed her and dragged to the curb. The crazy thing in all this is that my mother remembers about the suicide attempt. It’s probably for the best.” — told he.

But this failure has not ended and the next few years was not easy. Due to numerous injuries Dwayne the dream of becoming a professional soccer player collapsed, and then his girlfriend threw that touched the boy deeply. “It was my worst time,” he admits.

Дуэйн Джонсон в интервью для издания Express: попытка суицида матери и депрессия в юности
The actor said that if he wasn’t so strong in spirit, I would like his mother to try to settle scores with life.

Now Dwayne happy to be surrounded by women and after the announcement of the imminent birth of their second daughter Lauren. Hashian, Dwayne Johnson visited the Ellen DeGeneres, where he told how it feels to be the only man in the family. Actor don’t hesitate of his position — he enjoys it!

It turned out that Johnson ever since childhood, growing up surrounded by women, to which he had already used. “The interesting thing is that I grew up surrounded by women, to this day, I’m completely, 100 percent surrounded by only women!” says Johnson. “And I like it.”

Seizing the moment, Duane congratulated himself on the future replenishment. “Lauren and I are very happy,” says 45-year-old star of the film “Jumanji: a jungle”. His colleague on the film, Kevin HART also appeared in the Studio show. The fact that HART was supposed to appear on Ellen’s show a couple of weeks ago, but that day his wife Eniko Parrish went into labor. 21st November HART was born a son named Kenzo Cache. “It was difficult. I had to pick,” joked the 38-year-old comedian. “She’s already starting to give birth, and I was like, “or child, Or Ellen.”

Johnson already has two daughters — Simone Alessandro and Junior Jasmine. HART jokes that Johnson can only do boys that he retorted: “Well, it would be great if Kevin knew who his father boy.”