Anna Netrebko with the family put the theatre in London!

Анну Нетребко с семьей выставили из театра в Лондоне!
Opera diva has shared his outrage in the Network.

Anna Netrebko with her husband Yusif Eyvazov and son Thiago

Photo: @Instagram anna_netrebko_yusi_tiago Anna Netrebko

Anna Netrebko has appeared on the eve in an embarrassing situation: she was kicked out of the theater in London. The incident occurred a few minutes before the start of the musical “Aladdin” where she came in company of her husband Yusif Eyvazov and son Thiago. It so happened that tickets for the space occupied by the family of Anna, was sold twice. As a result, when Netrebko is already prepared to watch the performance, she was approached by members of the theater and asked her to leave the auditorium.

“Five minutes before the show “Aladdin,” we were rounded up and expelled from the theater. It happened because our tickets to someone else sold. Our tickets that we bought yesterday for 600 euros were not valid!” he shared his outrage, Anna on the Network.

Later, when Netrebko’s slightly cooled down she left the microblogging another message for fans. In it, Anna told that he was able to return the money for the tickets. “We’re fine, nothing to worry about. Tishka too. He was upset at first… In fact, no matter who you are famous and rich or not — anyone, it could happen. Be careful when buying tickets. Well, nothing. Think! Let this be the biggest trouble in our lives. I think that we’ll see “Aladdin”. And thanks to you all for backing me up!” — thanked fans Anna.

Meanwhile, in February in Moscow there was a scandal associated with the tickets to the concert Netrebko. The concert organizers said the “prohibitive” cost of the tickets. Anna, upon learning that the tickets the day before the concert was worth more than 100 thousand roubles, has threatened to abandon the performances in Moscow.