Duchess Catherine with her husband chose for my son charm school

Герцогиня Кэтрин с супругом выбрали для сына необычную школу
It became known, where you will learn the young Prince George.

Prince William with wife the Duchess of Cambridge


Yesterday it became known, where Prince George
that this summer will be 4 years, will start to learn. As confirmed by the official representative of Buckingham
Palace this fall, the Prince will attend a school called Thomas’s School, located in Battersea.

“We are pleased that we were able to find the school
which George, we hope, will feel happy and successful start
to get an education!” — so reads the statement of the Duchess Catherine and her husband Prince William,
the official representative.

Incidentally, this is
the solution to George’s parents ‘ already aroused the disapproval of the senior members of the Royal family.
It was expected that the young Prince will go to the same school that his father William
and uncle Harry at Wetherby School. But
Kate and her husband decided otherwise. School that they chose is
a little further from the Palace about 30 minutes away. Joint training: in school access to primary education for approximately 540 girls and boys. Arrive here at the age of 4 years and remain to
11 or 13, depending on
selected program. But the main thing that attracted to this school parents
George, this is his Charter.

The school management considers
one of the main tasks is to not only give the necessary
knowledge to the students, but, first and foremost, to teach them, as stated in the Charter, “to be kind”. In this school
pay a lot of attention to teaching children the proper, respectful communication
and the ability to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Among other recommendations, the students have
and rather unusual – is not encouraged the custom to have one, but
best friend. Psychologists reasoned that this practice leads to “development
excessive attachment” and the emergence of a conflict situation. According to local
experts, you need to be friends with everyone.

As such
education will have a positive impact on the character of George, who
will one day be king, will show time. Recall that the school Prince and a half
years attended kindergarten near the country estate of the Queen Sandringham,
also working on a non-standard method developed by Maria Montessori.