Yegor Konchalovsky told about a new young lady

Егор Кончаловский рассказал о новой молодой избраннице
The Director shared details of the marriage contract with Love Tolkalina.

Egor Konchalovsky


Yegor Konchalovsky said: a few months ago he had a new love of his life. In the show “the Secret in a million” the Director has disclosed the identity of his new lady. It turned out that this time Egor fell in love with a girl not a creative profession.

“She’s not an actress, she’s a lawyer. About me young, well. We’ve been together a few months. We now have a bouquet period, the candy I eat. Call me as a daughter, Masha. Met in court, she protected me. In part, and therefore announced the breakup. Don’t know if I’ll make an offer, time will tell!” — told the Director.

Incidentally, Greg thinks that not being married to the former civil wife Lyubov Tolkalina, with whom he lived together for 14 years, was absolutely right. “What is she was the wife… yeah, no! Washed the washing machine from work I was waiting for her, and not she me, is almost ready. But if she sat and waited for me at home, we would be even faster and I broke up… Luba is a very lively psyche: actress! She stopped dancing, can’t eat caviar… and all because of me, a sinner! Of course, something I regret. But back time I’d turn would. We were fighting over nothing. It’s also exhausting. At some point, the dissatisfaction begins to exceed the pleasure… the Time showed that I did the right thing. We still broke up. So what would be the difference married or not?” — said Konchalovsky.

By the way, Egor, after breaking up with Love have left her without financial support. According to the marriage contract signed between the Director and the actress he had written in Tolkalina his apartment. And shall be paid monthly to the former civil wife alimony for their common daughter, Mary. The size of payments Yegor did not advertise, but admitted that a considerable sum of money.