Drunk Pierre Narcisse was beating his wife and young daughter

Пьяный Пьер Нарцисс избивал жену и маленькую дочь

Git Dionne Warwick was not so gentle. Black famous Russian singer, performer of the hit “Chocolate Bunny”, was once again at the epicenter of the scandal connected with violence. In March this year, a friend of the graduate of “Factory of stars” accused him of rape, and now the violence and the abuse of alcohol represents and the ex-wife of actor Valery Kalachev.

Journalist Marianne Suvorov, a rape victim Pierre, became the heroine of the talk show “Talk show”. She told how he came to Narcissus to a hotel to interview him. There’s a man lashed out at radio host and “raped in the most savage way.”
“All I saw was a crumpled bed sheet and blood” -says terrible memories of Marianna. This unfortunate history has led to revelations and Valery. According to Kalachevo, ex-husband drank and was violent towards her.
“He drank a lot, often every day. Fell asleep in the same place and drank – in the bathroom, the hallway, in the bathroom near the baby. All my prayers ended with his promises to zakodirovatsia, but then it was repeated again and again” — said Kalachev.
According to Valerie, her husband did not control himself in a state of alcoholic intoxication, during an exacerbation allowed his fists.
“Pierre broke into the room, yelled at me and beat,” says Valerie. One day the little daughter Caroline stood up for her, then Pierre began to beat her.
“He was in a rage, began to beat the Karolinka, fists, struggling. The daughter got a seven or eight strokes” — recalls with horror Kalacheva. Tired of this life, the woman filed for divorce. Now Valeria adjusts to the deprivation of parental rights Pierre, and requests assistance from the tyrant of the guardianship.
“This man in public one – he’s a people person, very charismatic, and alone… You have no idea what a despot, a tyrant and a rapist” — summed Valery.
Recall that in 2005, when Valery was pregnant, that Pierre beat her. Kalacheva filed a statement to the police, which he described as a Lily beat her and threatened to kill him. Soon the lovers are reconciled, and Leroy took the statement.