Charlize Theron continues to dress her son as a girl

Шарлиз Терон продолжает одевать сына, как девочку

The Princess gave birth to the night.. Hollywood actress Charlize Theron continues to put his adopted son Jackson as a fairy Princess. Six-year-old boy in a pink dress, and braided pigtails screams that his mother is against all sorts of gender stereotypes.

The celebrity and her son got on one of the Parking lots in Los Angeles. If not for the knowledge that Charlize has a son, Jackson might well have been mistaken for a girl. To the dress, sandals and ribbons in her hair a delicate pink color, the boy chose the more “girly” backpack, which carried his mother. The daughter of Theron Aug, also was dressed in the outfit, a pink one, obviously love for him to have all children of the actress.
Recall that Jackson is not the only son of celebrities in Hollywood who wears dresses of the disney princesses. Similarly dressed and eldest son of Megan Fox and Justin Austin green, Noah, and son of singer Adele Angelo.