Drunk guy stole Rihanna’s oyster and was punished

Пьяный парень украл у Рианны устрицу и был наказан

Even stars have to deal with simple human ignorance, what convinced Rihanna! Enjoying dinner at one of the restaurants in London, the singer right in front of the “led” class. The villain was punished!

Rihanna threw a party for yourself and your friends in a London restaurant Chiltern Firehouse, reports the Sun. Everything went as it should: the star ordered a lot of oysters and enjoyed an excellent evening. However, one of the visitors was drunk enough to try to steal from the collection plate star is one of the delicacies. “One drunk guy walked up to her Desk and stole one oyster, thinking it would be funny,” says one of the witnesses.

Rihanna is the winner of a huge Bank account and a boyfriend of a millionaire. Despite this, she demanded from the guy £ 250 for the dish! A man from the inner circle of stars approached the guy and demanded his money, because he ruined the dish of the singer. The thief did not resist and paid the required money to the singer ordered the same dish. “With all those millions, don’t even expect Rihanna will notice the loss of some oysters. It turned out she was a wise woman and surrounded himself with the right people, who will monitor such things,” says the eyewitness.

Surprised by this behavior of the singer is not necessary, because it is for the sake of money even filed a lawsuit against his father. Ronald Fenty, the singer, uses a well-known name for business development, while taking advantage of the popularity of Rihanna. The singer’s father created the company talent Fenty Entertainment, using it for promotion and profit the name of the daughter.

Filed Creator brands Fenty Beauty Fenty and Savage x in the court immediately. She not once asked Ronald not to use her name to promote their own business, but he did not take the words of the daughter in mind. Therefore, the artist decided to use “heavy artillery” and filed in the court. As indicated in the statement, the company Fenty Entertainment recognized the connection with the singer for attracting investment. Also Ronald tried to register a trademark for Fenty hotel chains, though earlier it was Rihanna. Ronald also tried to negotiate with the company SBS Entertainment on concert tour with the participation of the singer in Latin America for 15 million dollars.

“Fraudulent behavior Fenty, (his partner Moses of Joktan) Perkins and particularly egregious, because they spoke several times to stop the distortion of information and activities, and attempts to use the name of Rihanna and brand reputation Fenty,” reads the lawsuit.

Rihanna’s father is accused uses false advertising and invasion of privacy. Rihanna is fighting to Ronald Fenty has ceased to use the trademark Fenty or any methods of illegal representation of his daughter. If you win in court, Rihanna will also receive the payment for moral damages.

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