Dark Phoenix: Sophie Turner about his character and love for colleague

Темный Феникс: Софи Тернер о своем персонаже и любви к коллеге

This summer in theaters, you will see the continuation of the series “X-Men” entitled “Dark Phoenix”, in which the main role was played by Sophie Turner. The actress once again brought to the screens a mutant born with telepathic and telekinetic powers. Sophie told about the reason of participation in the project and love for the counterpart.

Темный Феникс: Софи Тернер о своем персонаже и любви к коллеге

After reading the script of “Dark Phoenix”, Sophie began to feel an attraction. 2019 at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, the star revealed what drew her to the story. “From the female point of view, I liked the fact that the most powerful characters in the film are women,” says the actress. “The main character is a woman. It combines simultaneously a protagonist and an antagonist. I really liked this concept”.

Also the star told about his “love” to That. Sheridan, the actor who played her lover in the film of Scott summers (Cyclops). “Like we’re in love!”. Colleague “Dark Phoenix” has not become puzzled and has joined the star: “I’m in love with Sof”.

Jokes aside. Sophie still had to give a serious answer: “He is a very cool friend. I always tell him that he is the best “on-screen” boyfriend I’ve ever had! So cool to have a great relationship with those with whom you’re playing intimate scenes. It is important to have this connection”.

The actress now having a hard time, because she needs to juggle two upcoming premieres — the Dark Phoenix and final season of Game of Thrones. Turner continues to tell interesting details connected with the imminent release of the final season of Game of Thrones. In a revealing interview for Harper’s Bazzar actress who played Sansa stark, said that someone from the caste of the series have received three times more fees than she is. You know who this is!

Colleague on the series of kit Harington, who played the popular character of Jon snow, got three times more money! “Keith made more money than me, but he had a big storyline. While working on the last series, he was something crazy, 70 night of the shooting, and I had not so much. I thought then: “He deserves the money”,” the actress shared with Harper’s Bazaar.

The series is filmed very long time. For each actor Game of Thrones — this is a huge loss. Sophie compared it with the loss of a man. “I’m losing the character played so long,” admitted the star.

This interview is not over. 23-year-old star told how she met her lover through the popular network instagram. “We had a lot of mutual friends who always wanted to introduce me and Joe. We even had subscribers from each other on instagram, and suddenly Joe wrote to me in personal messages!” says Sophie.

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