Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками» The driver of the singer told the “StarHit” who was leaking information about her health and where he spent the charity money. According to Andrei Medvedev, Dmitry Shepelev always had a strained relationship with the family of Jeanne. The man has repeatedly witnessed conflicts of TV presenter Vladimir Borisovich and Olga Vladimirovna.
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»

Andrei Medvedev was a man who had spent with Jeanne last six months before the coma. He drove almost blind singer on the survey in the cancer center. The man was silent, however, in connection with the persecution of the Friske family, himself, contacted the “StarHit” and shared his version of events: why the canceled wedding of Zhanna and Dmitry, who paid in restaurants, and why Shepelev fell on his knees before Vladimir Friske.


Andrew, in what period of time you worked with a singer?
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»From October 2014 until March 2015. Joan finally returned to Russia and lived in his parents ‘ home in the district of Saltykovka of Balashikha city. The very family I know for 20 years. Olga at the time was taught to drive. I’m sorry relatives of Jeanne diarrhea. They do not deserve…—
Where were most often chosen?
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»She visited the hospital, met with friends. Often with Nastya Kalmanovich. All friend told her that he is the man who is to tie the fate. Heard the phrase: “Joan, think you need this?” But she loved Dmitri.—
How they spent their time?
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»He often visited it but rarely stayed overnight. Late in the evening I drove him to the center of Moscow, there in the clear lane he rented an apartment. Shepelev said that psychologically it would be hard to be in the house Friske. Once went out, got in the car, gasped, “Ugh, all the blood’s sucked out of me!”—
Who is it?
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»Dmitry had a strained relationship with the parents of Jeanne. Vladimir Borisovich demanded from him the history of the disease, but Shepelev was not told of the details and did not give papers. I think he initially knew that the vaccine will suspend death, but not cure. And relatives mistakenly thought that Jeanne can heal. Once broke a scandal that Dima, realizing that things are bad, fell on his knees before the Pope Joan with the words: “I love your daughter!” Vladimir Borisovich melted. On the New year 2015 from Belarus even arrived Dima’s parents, so the two families to celebrate the holiday. But again, not asked, there was another conflict. When I drove Andrei Viktorovich and Natalia Alexandrovna back to the airport, Shepelev explained to them that Yes, they say, Vladimir Borisovich and Olga – stupid, but most importantly, Jeanne… And these can be patient. With Natasha, he also could not find a common language. Sister Jeanne once heard that Dima called it terrible.
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»
And when you Shepelev behaved like with Joan?
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»Courteous. He knew who this Zhanna Friske. Mercantile interest, of course, present, but let’s be honest – Dima is not alone. Many wanted to cling. Jeanne introduced him to the people, pushed on TV.

The heir of the first stage

Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»
What do you personally impression made by Dmitry?
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»At first it seemed normal, until the conversation turned to the program “property of Republic”. Dima talking on the phone and bad-mouthed his co-host Yuri Nikolayev, who was then ill with cancer. Will not say exactly, but it sounded a phrase such as “old goat”. And I thought, “Who are you and who is Nikolaev! The person-a legend”. Understand that it’s a two – faced type.—
As yet this trait was shown?
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»He made Joan an offer, when they lived in Latvia. There she was in rehab. Dima insisted on marriage at the Riga seaside. Knew that she didn’t have long. Olga stopped the conversation and offered to arrange a celebration after recovery of her daughter. If the wedding happened, he would become the heir apparent. And there cars, apartments, house…
This is the same mansion in the suburbs, which eventually was divided between Shepelev and his parents?
Водитель Жанны Фриске: «Шепелев называл ее родителей дураками»Yes. Dima often went to the village of Meadows, where it was built. Watched it, he was paying the workers. At that time he had already disposed of the card “Rusfond”. This Jeanne could not do physically because didn’t see anything. She signed the documents only after I read them aloud. I remembered the case when he discussed the issues of finishing the house with the architect, and he was billed at eight hundred and fifty thousand. Shepelev took a map of Jeanne and asked me to drive them to the ATM of ROSBANK, where he made the entire amount. But their money Dmitry almost was not, he was talking about. Even their dinners at your favorite restaurant “Michelle” on Krasnaya Presnya paid from the funds of Jeanne. —
Surprising that nobody managed to film them together for a romantic dinner…
But, unexpectedly, caught us in the cancer center. One of the days of March in 2015, Jeanne and Dima went to the hospital on the street of Academician Oparin. I went with the stock, given the tube. When turned on the spot, Dima looked at his watch, nervous and asked: “Why so early?” Shepelev told us not to wait in the car, and he jumped out and started calling someone. Only twenty minutes later, ordered to come. We were holding Jeanne by the hand, and just at that moment we clicked. When I saw the picture, I was in shock, because on the territory of the Oncology center you can’t go – before you need to request a pass! Even if we were followed to the destination, then in they be are unable. Someone leaked the exact date and time. This could make either me or Dmitry…