Kylie Minogue was reunited with the “man of her life”

Кайли Миноуг воссоединилась с «мужчиной своей жизни»
The singer has already managed to forget her cheating fiancé.

Kylie Minogue and Olivier Martinez

Photo: Instagram

Kylie Minogue happy again. The fact that
return to her former boyfriend, whom she once called “the man
my life.” We are talking about Olivier Martinez, whom she once dreamed of
to get married…

Paparazzi spotted the 49-year-old Kylie and 51-year-old
Martinez on a date at the restaurant Chateau Marmont
in Los Angeles. Olivier got there first on the bike. While staying at
hotel Kylie joined him a little later. As witnessed
at the restaurant, the couple sitting at the far table in the corner did not take
each other love eyes and even managed a few times to kiss. Minogue
something gently whispered to Martinez’s ear, and he stroked her hand. And at the end
dinner Kylie and Olivier went together, hand-in-hand in the direction of the Elevator of the hotel… the Involuntary witnesses of this scene saying,
Martinez and Minogue was nothing like the people who haven’t seen for 10
years. Apparently, this was already not a first date after reunification.

The first round of their affair broke in 2007,
Then the lovers suddenly decided to leave after the whole toe
years lived together. Kylie was extremely depressed, because she lost like
she claimed her greatest love. Besides, as everyone thought, Olivier
had to prove to her his loyalty, for he was with her in the most difficult
period of her life, when Minogue fought with breast cancer. However, when Kylie
udalski to be healed, he had left her…

Since then and in his and her life took a
a lot. Kylie managed to survive a number of novels, including love story with Andres
Velencoso. And for Joshua Sasse, with whom she was officially betrothed, singer
almost got married. However, after catching him cheating, she put Sasse from home.
As for Olivier, he managed to marry Halle berry, have
from her child and then give it up. His divorce from berry was finalized six months ago. So now Martinez
and Minogue absolutely free and can easily build relationships.