22-year-old beauty Queen died of cancer

22-летняя королева красоты скончалась от рака The sad news was shared by a public figure Assol Moldokmatova. Relatives and friends of “Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013” Zhibek nukeevo accept the condolences. A resident of Kyrgyzstan, died Sunday. The model left an eight month old son Iman.
22-летняя королева красоты скончалась от рака

Recently it became known that the winner of the title “Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013” Zhibek Nukeev passed away at the age of 22 years. Sad news reported by a leading public figure Assol Moldokmatova. According to the woman, a model, died on Sunday morning. For a long time Zhibek suffered from a serious illness a year ago doctors diagnosed her with cancer, a chondrosarcoma of the hip bone third degree.

Moldokmatova wished Nukeevo rest in peace and condolences to her family and friends. The woman said that the death of Zhibek is an irreparable loss to them. According to Assol beauty was very charming and cheerful person.

“It is painful to report irreparable. (…) Did not Zhibek Nukeevo – owner of the title “Miss Kyrgyzstan”. She is only 22 years old. It is a sincere, bright girl was struck in the day we met, his modesty, friendliness and gentleness of character. We mourn. (…) The letter Zhibek about the disease (chondrosarcoma bone) and the love of her husband and unborn son, touched the hearts of millions of people. She fought from last forces, but the disease prevailed, despite the fact that he received treatment in the best clinics of Italy, Turkey, Israel… She loved life,” – said social activist.
22-летняя королева красоты скончалась от рака

The presenter also revealed that the model was a little son eight-month-old Iman. “He did not know what misfortune has happened,” stated Moldokmatova.

Note that Zhibek Nukeev learned about his illness at the time when he was in the seventh month of pregnancy. A resident of Kyrgyzstan and her family was shocked by the terrible diagnosis. The model decided to publish an open letter on social networks, which openly spoke about his battle with cancer.

22-летняя королева красоты скончалась от рака“My dear angel! My name is Zhibek. I’m 21 years old. I am a mother of a wonderful four-month-old baby Iman. We live in Bishkek in the Kyrgyz Republic. I write this letter asking for help. Christmas and new year is a time of hope, dreams, and miracles. My story is short, time is not in my favor,” – said Nukeev.
22-летняя королева красоты скончалась от рака

The son model was born by caesarean section. After some time after the happy event Nukeevo had to part with the heir – Iman was taken to the intensive care unit, and the resident of Kyrgyzstan was taken in the Oncology clinic. Zhibek’t seen baby for a few weeks.

22-летняя королева красоты скончалась от рака“We were separated for two months. To say that these two months were difficult, to say nothing of hospital, chemotherapy, mood swings, not very comforting forecasts of doctors, the increase in cancer, but every time I was waiting for a meeting with Iman. At every meeting he lights me hope, gives me strength and incentive to fight, no matter what. No words to describe how much I love this man and it hurts my heart thinking that I will leave him that he will be without his mom,” wrote the model in December last year.
22-летняя королева красоты скончалась от рака