Врачи опасаются за здоровье Кейт Миддлтон

The online community do not feed bread, let me discuss the personal lives of celebrities, in particular pregnancy of a particular star. And when it comes to members of the Royal family, extending conversations to stop difficult. Some time ago Kate Middleton began to appear in public in outfits that hinted at the imminent appearance of a third child. Many are already preparing to congratulate the Dukes of Cambridge with replenishment. But unfortunately, the tummy Middleton still has not increased.

Close to the family sources say that Kate and William from idea to acquire the third child did not refuse. They’re just waiting for the moment when Middleton a little bit better. Now she has a shortage of body mass that heavily can complicate pregnancy.

According to rumors, because of the stress caused by pressure from the Royal family and the public after the second pregnancy the girl dropped too many pounds, jeopardizing their health.

“Kate feels psychological pressure from the husband and his family, and this provokes a family quarrel. In such an atmosphere, the Duchess will be even more difficult to get pregnant,” — said the press informant.


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