Бобби Браун обвиняет Майкла Джексона в «нездоровом сексуальном поведении»

Memoir, Bobby brown “Every little step: My Story” has all chances to become a bestseller, and all because of the revelations of the musician. The contractor was familiar with many stars of world show-business, and Whitney Houston even was a man because no problem was given to the surface all the mystery and rumors ever to walk in the narrow circles of celebrities. So, Bobby said that Michael Jackson was a strange sexual behaviour.. sisters.

Brown said that he met with vociferous family of the Jacksons in the early ‘ 70s, when Bobby remembers how he was struck by the strange relationship of Michael and his sisters La Toya and Janet.
“Michael used to go crazy jokes and spanked sisters ass. I don’t even know why he thought it was funny, but it seems that everyone liked it and it was normal for them,” — said Bobby. A few years later, brown met with Janet. though not for long.
“We were young, successful and very into each other” — says Bobby. By the way, Janet left him, because their father Joe brown was considered unsuitable match for his daughter.
Recall that Bobby also told in the book of his memoirs and that his ex-wife Whitney Houston met with his assistant and longtime friend.

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