Quentin Tarantino was looking for prostitutes for the film

Квентин Тарантино искал проституток для фильма

Quentin Tarantino was accused of sexism. The legendary Director got into scrape after staff recruitment agencies is not entirely correct (according to feminists) made the announcement and posted it on the social networks. It said the following:

“Whores wanted for a new project of Quentin Tarantino. Age from 18 to 35. Natural Breasts, eyebrows and hair. 2-8 size clothing”.
Those who are interested (and meet the specified parameters) were supposed to send in their photos, putting in the subject line the word “slut”.
To address the casting Agency and the Quentin Tarantino was accused of sexism, in particular, feminists did not like, and the very wording of the ad, and too coarse a word for women in this profession.
Very soon, the announcement disappeared from the website and the official page of the Agency, but the sediment, as they say, remained. Quentin has not commented on the incident, and are unlikely to do so. On the controversial project until we know little. The journalists managed to find out that Tarantino is only a producer of the film, and will be directed by a woman, whose name is not yet known. The beginning of the shooting will take place this summer. Unless, of course, they will find suitable prostitutes.

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