Йоланда Фостер пишет книгу о победе над болезнью Лайма

Yolanda foster, she is Yolanda Hadid, in his new book “Trust me: My battle with an invisible disability from Lyme disease,” told about her difficult victory over Lyme disease. The star of the reality show “Housewives with Beverly hills” have already talked about this terrible disease and how she managed to defeat her, but many still doubt whether Yolanda is sick and if she does not speculate on this topic, to attract attention.

To assure the public of the truthfulness of his words, the mother of Gigi and Bella Hadid has written a book in which he described the victory over the “invisible disabilities”, “intimate details of her personal journey,” treatment, consequences of illness and that her children were the reason to continue the fight s life.
In its Yolanda recovery saw a big mission: to tell the public about this disease, to bring relief to all who not knowing his real diagnosis, continues to suffer from unknown symptoms.
In January of this year, Yolanda filed for divorce from her husband David foster. Then it became known and about what else her two children, Anwar and Bella are suffering the consequences of Lyme disease. Like her at the time, they incorrectly diagnosed, and when they found the real cause of an ailment, the disease was already running.
“I am full of determination to make a cure for the disease available to all. My book is my carried out the meta. I want to share all possible types of treatment and their knowledge that I have received over the past four years.. ” said Yolanda. The book’s release is scheduled for February 2017.

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