Dobrovinsky about the lawsuit against Kirkorov: “This nonsense is not worth a damn”

Добровинский об иске против Киркорова: «Этот бред не стоит и выеденного яйца» The star’s lawyer said charges of the group Space in plagiarism. According to the judge, he has an undeniable documentary proof of innocence people’s artist of the Russian Federation. Dobrovinsky has promised to introduce them next week.

      In early November, the French group Space filed in the court the claim about protection of copyright by illegal borrowing from the work “Symphonic Space Dream”. The artists claim that the song Philip Kirkorov “tough love” – the plagiarism of their work. Recently became aware of the fact that the interests of Philip Kirkorov in the case of plagiarism would represent the “star” lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky. The lawyer said the conflict between the artist and French musicians. In a statement made on Instagram, Dobrovinsky said that Kirkorov has nothing to do with illegal borrowing, as it is only by the songs in question.

      “All who are interested in the case of the French musicians against Phillip Kirkorov. All the documents proving that Philip is irrelevant to this court can not have – in my arms. Kirkorov is not a composer, he’s performer. Indeed, if I bought pants, a style which was copied by one designer from the pattern of another designer, then why do I, the buyer, must be all your own … sorry, what?” – shared Dobrovinsky in one of his social networks.

      Dobrovinsky also referred to the document of Sony Music, which says that the album Space was released 21 Oct 2002. The lawyer said that the popular Russian singer made the song that became the subject of controversy, much earlier. “According to tradition in the West, the song does not appear in the public space before the release of the album. Philip Kirkorov sang it for the first time in November 2001 at the concert “song of the year”. Obviously, the composer Popkov already preparing on the subject of a counterclaim,” said the lawyer.

      Human rights are not left unattended and the statement of the plaintiff’s attorney Igor Trunov. According to Dobrovinsky, the Space was able to file a lawsuit in an American court. Star lawyer surprised by this idea. “Honestly, I did not understand, what relation to the citizen of the Russian Federation and composer Popkov has a court in the US?!” – said Alexander.

      In addition, Dobrovinsky spoke about the amount of compensation which said foreign artists. The lawyer believes that such a requirement is absurd. “Where did these enormous sums?” – the lawyer is perplexed.

      In the conclusion of his address Dobrovinsky has promised to provide irrefutable evidence of innocence of Philip Kirkorov and expressed his personal opinion about the situation.

      “Next week I’ll show you some of the documents, which completely changes the whole situation. In General, the whole contrived nonsense is not worth a damn. But all the same would like to talk…” he told Dobrovinsky.

      The defendants made himself a people’s artist of the Russian Federation, as well as the author of the composition Oleg Popkov, “Phillip Kirkorov prodakshn” Sony Music Entertainment group of companies Rones and RTR. In his address the participants Space required to prohibit the execution of Kirkorov “tough love”.