Stesha Malikova presented boyfriend’s friends from high society

Стеша Маликова представила бойфренда подругам из высшего общества The successor of the famous artist appeared at the ball with Leonid Gruzdev. Over a long period of time the girl was hiding who she was seeing, as I didn’t want her personal life became a subject of discussion.

      Стеша Маликова представила бойфренда подругам из высшего общества

      The heiress of the singer Dmitry Malikov Stefania flashed on the debutante Ball, which took place in the House of Unions. The girl appeared on the evening accompanied by the whole family. In the first dance Malikov whirled artist from the Bolshoi theatre and the rest room she was able to sing with my dad and a young man, Leonid Gruzdev, who presented the other participants of the event. Dean Nemtsov, Stesha Malikova and others made a splash at debutante Ball

      Stasi about the affair with the heir to the ex-Governor of the Tula region became known in the autumn of this year. For the first time his name was voiced by the girl’s father, talking with Leroy Kudryavtseva in the program “the Secret to a million.” Later fans Malikova pelted her with questions on the pages in social networks. According to the girl, who, however, decided to meet the fans, she has long been friends with the boy, and he wanted to build her romantic relationship.

      “To be honest, I don’t like the word “achieve” in relation to the girl. I believe that you can achieve your goal. It beautifully looked after throughout two very long-winded… I grew up and realized that my world is this man,” said Stesha.
      Стеша Маликова представила бойфренда подругам из высшего общества

      Despite the fact that Leonid was present at the event, Malikova are not in a hurry to put in the microblog pictures with a young man, although it already asked for that subscribers. The girl just posted a video of a father / daughter dance and a photo with a partner from the Bolshoi theatre.

      By the way, the outfit debutante has been criticized by followers for being too, according to some, honesty. She could not answer his detractors. “Debutante – a young lady, traditionally dressed in white and dancing in the opening ceremony. I think L. N. Thick in that air, light, graceful, elegant and simple dress I wanted to show Natasha Rostova with her childlike smile and the desire to give all my love to the guests. I think in some ways we’re the same. At least, I would like that very much, because of her openness and honesty impressed me! In this dress I wanted to waltz on the parquet hall of Columns,” explained Stefania.

      After the official event Malikov was replaced by a white dress on black dress long to the knee. The girl went to a party where the successor of the famous names had a lot of fun.