Дмитрий Тарасов рассказал, на кого похожа новорожденная дочь On the eve in the family of Dmitry Tarasova and Anastasia Kostenko was a joyful event — the model gave birth to a daughter. The name of the girl spouse had not yet been invented. But the player said that the baby is just like him.
Дмитрий Тарасов рассказал, на кого похожа новорожденная дочь

On the eve of the happy event happened in the family of Dmitry Tarasov — 31-year-old for the second time became a father. According to the athlete, the spouse and the newborn baby feel good. The long-awaited girl, height 50 centimeters and weighing 2940 grams was born in the elite Moscow clinic.

“Everything went perfectly. We arrived at the hospital at about 11 o’clock, and exactly at 19:30 my wife gave birth. My daughter was born healthy, beautiful, like me! Over the name until I think the final version is not” — said Tarasov.

The happy father also commented on his financial condition. As reported by “StarHit”, Dmitry for a year can not sell the apartment where he lived with Olga Buzova. Perhaps for this reason, recently the player decided to reduce the cost of the apartment up to 65 million rubles instead of 70. After his divorce from TV presenter Tarasov moved the new wife in a country house. “We have been moved. Therefore, the apartment I was put up for sale. Yes, the price constantly varies, but this is a matter for realtors. It is they who decide what price to assign, I do not do” — said the athlete.

Lately hung in the air and a question concerning his football career. So, according to official figures, the club “the locomotive” has not yet extended his contract ending at the end of June. Fortunately, the transfer window, during which Dmitry will be able to go to another club, will be open until mid-September.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko became the parents of

“Yes, I heard it, but in fact I’m really unemployed. Football, all sports life is all the long talks. The user wants one, I want more, but I think soon we will find common language and I will fly to the training camp. Especially now the event is two days I’ll be in Moscow. It is such information, I won’t say it’s all in the cloud somewhere. But I’m in talks directly with “the Locomotive”. With the contract extension,” said Dmitry in an interview with the publication Super.