Мать Ксении Собчак о беременности дочери: «Буду рада внуку или внучке» Fans of the first times I suspect Ksenia Sobchak in the second pregnancy. However the TV presenter has not commented on the rumors. Mom star admitted that with pleasure again become a grandmother. But, according to Lyudmila Narusova, the daughter of an interesting position has not yet reported.
Мать Ксении Собчак о беременности дочери: «Буду рада внуку или внучке»

Ksenia Sobchak consistently attributed to pregnancy, but the 36-year-old TV presenter prefers not to comment on the speculation. In contrast, from her mother. Lyudmila Narusova was slovokhotova heiress, noting that just wants to be a grandmother again. However, a cherished addition, it seems as yet not scheduled, despite the rounded shape of Xenia, Yes, statements from colleagues.

“As far as I know, she’s not pregnant. Is someone started a rumor on the Internet. To comment on such a private moment should be the Xenia. And grandchildren, of course, want. If the daughter will give a grandson or granddaughter, I’d be happy. It is after the birth of her son blossomed, Plato has a beautiful,” — said Lyudmila Borisovna.
Мать Ксении Собчак о беременности дочери: «Буду рада внуку или внучке»

Previously, the wife of rapper Dino MC confirmed that Sobchak really expecting a baby. This conclusion Mishan did after one of the ceremonies, which became a co-host Xenia. Then, many viewers and fans have noticed Kim’s tummy.

Colleague Ksenia Sobchak confirmed her pregnancy

Lyudmila Narusova does not deny that for a busy working schedule famous daughter to educate even one child is difficult. That is why for Plato often looked after by the nanny. Now the baby, which this year will be two years old and goes to kinder garden, where in a playful way learning English.

“He’s a very sociable boy. Plato already knows a lot of poems, recited Pushkin. For example, “there stands a green oak”. He has a good memory. I read it, he repeats and remembers” — boasted Lyudmila Narusova.

As it turned out, the training of the elite kindergarten — fun is not cheap. So, a month visiting Plato lessons cost his star parents in 45 thousand rubles per month. Themselves the lessons last about two hours, and the teachers it employs only native speakers who communicate with the kids without an accent in English.

By the way, here is trained younger daughter Tatiana Navka Hope. It is the skater advised Sobchak kindergarten for Plato.

A school administrator told the “KP” that the son of Xenia already knows basic phrases in English and can reply in monosyllables teachers. However, the presenter appears in the kindergarten is extremely rare, and accompanies Plato’s mostly Babysitting.