Dmitry Tarasov spoke about the change of marital status

Дмитрий Тарасов заговорил о смене семейного статуса Midfielder “Locomotive” was given to understand that his heart is occupied. Earlier Dmitry Tarasov has informed that began life with a clean slate. Despite numerous requests of fans, a player does not shows the face of his lady.

      Дмитрий Тарасов заговорил о смене семейного статуса

      After the footballer Dmitry Tarasov has divorced TV presenter Olga Buzova, he prefers not to extend about private life. According to some, the athlete Dating model Anastasia Kostenko, however, whether this is not known. Neither Dmitry nor his alleged fiancee does not speak about his possible affair. However, many social media users still ascribe Tarasov fascination with a charming brunette. They regularly asked the man to tell about it. Dmitry does not confirm but does not refute the numerous speculations of the public, than even more intriguing fans.

      Recently, Tarasov went live on Instagram. Apparently, the player decided to talk with the fans in that moment, when he spent time with his other half. However, her face Dmitri never revealed, despite numerous requests.

      “Idle? I’m not single. Or am I idle? I don’t know what to say. I’m confused. Me right now watching with a look that I’m not single. AU. Of course, the idle was… of Course, I’m a “divorcee,” said the man, laughing.

      Earlier, the midfielder of “Locomotive” has given interview in which he openly spoke about a new stage in life. Tarasov recognizes that passionate about your hobby and started with a clean slate. The man also says that no one wants to harm. “So, it should be”, – said the footballer. According to the athlete, he’s not going to prove anything to other people via the press or publications in social networks.

      We also recall that Dmitry Tarasov has published a post on Instagram, in which he called on followers to stop asking him about the breakup with a famous TV presenter. The man asked fans to respect his privacy and made it clear that he did not intend to share details with the public. Instead, he advised users of social networks to concentrate on their business.

      “We are all adults, just learning to live and everyone make mistakes. My own was that I allowed everyone to be part of our relationship. As they say, “live for likes” (I think it’s relevant for today problem). It happens that people disagree. With Olga we had wonderful moments, but now our ways are different,” – said the athlete.