Laysan utiasheva is suffering from the despotism of Paul Will

Ляйсан Утяшева страдает от деспотизма Павла Воли Today star Comedy Club celebrates its birthday. On the eve of the star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the showman. According to him, Paul Will succeed and the birth of a third child.

      Today showman Pavel Volya celebrates his birthday. The artist not only performs in the Comedy Club and the leads of the show “Improvisation” on TNT, but also actively writes songs and sings. The showman and his wife Laysan Utyasheva there is also a joint project of “Power of will”, which teaches people the motivation and instills healthy habits. Couple married nearly five years and has two children. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the birth date of Paul and made a prediction on his future.

      “Will was born in “the Day of relativity,” says Clara. His life code 347 325 indicates that he has very low self-esteem, although Paul initially gives the impression of a confident person. The artist is constantly not satisfied with himself, but, fortunately, this year it is waiting for the overwhelming success that will cause Paul to reconsider the attitude to yourself. During this period the Will under the force of absolutely everything: songs written by him will inevitably become hits, and composed monologues will win the love of the audience. Perhaps, at the same time they have with Rosie is born another baby.”

      According to the numerologist, Paul sometimes prone to slightly exaggerate the situation. Kuzenbaeva believes that this quality is often a cause of quarrels in their pair.

      “Will is not able to close my eyes in mirth and a flair for the dramatic. Besides, it’s coded sixes and eights, which indicates the presence in nature of the star of such qualities as laziness and a tendency to mood swings. Pasha is often confined to himself, and then a smile on dad’s face can’t even call them dearly beloved children. But with all this Will – the perfect father and husband, he has a very pronounced line of the family,” said Clara.

      According to Kuzenbaeva, Paul is not able to yell at kids or something to ban them. In the near future he can manifest new abilities. “If Paul will eventually feel the desire to try myself in new creative fields, I would advise him to pursue cartooning as his sense of humor will ensure him success in this sphere”, – predicts Clara.